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Image of Dr. Cibelli Dr. Jose Cibelli is internationally recognized as one of the pioneers in the area of cellular reprogramming using oocyte-driven protocols. Dr. Cibelli together with his colleagues, were responsible for the generation of the world's first transgenic cloned calves, the first stem cells by nuclear transfer in bovine, the first embryonic stem cells by parthenogenesis in primates and the generation of the first line of iPSCs using oocyte factors alone. His work has been published in numerous scientific journals including Science, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Medicine, Nature Methods, PNAS and JAMA. He has testified about his work in public forums sponsored by the US Food and Drug administration, the USA National Academy of Sciences, Canadian House of Commons, the USA Department of Agriculture, the United Nations Commission for Human Rights and the British Royal Society.

He is currently Professor of Animal Biotechnology at Michigan State University, USA.


Quantitative proteomics of Zebrafish embryos and blastomeres.
NIH R01GM125991 (PI: LiangLiang Sun; Co-PI: Jose Cibelli). 2017-2022. $1,845,989.