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This competition encourages Ph.D. candidates in the department to prepare for future employment through mock job applications and interviews. To be eligible for this award PhD students must have passed their comprehensive examinations and advanced to candidacy.Major professor: Asgerally Fazleabas

Maria Ariadna Ochoa Bernal is a Ph.D. candidate working with Dr. Asgerally Fazleabas. Ariadna’s research is focused on the study of specific hallmarks of endometriosis, particularly on how specific signaling molecules can promote an inflammatory environment, which alters tissue function. Her research has relevance to other diseases, such as endometritis, a major cause of infertility in dairy cattle. In addition to her research, Ariadna is pursuing the Michigan State University Certification in College Teaching. After she completes her graduate program, she would like to pursue her passion of a teaching career in higher education as a University Faculty member.

“Maria Ariadna Ochoa Bernal (or Ari as she is known to everyone) is a very friendly and interactive person who works exceptionally well in a collaborative environment. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and has a positive attitude towards her research and sets high goals for herself.  Her enthusiasm in the laboratory and at lab meetings is infectious and she is always willing to learn and improve. She reads extensively and uses the knowledge she gains to plan out her studies and develop well thought out experimental paradigms.  

She is an  exceptional graduate student who is willing to be involved with activities beyond her own doctoral studies.  She has served as a trainee member on the Diversity Committee of the Society for the Study of Reproduction, has honed her teaching skills by participating in the MSU Teaching Certification Program and done her practical training by teaching classes at Davenport University in Grand Rapids. In addition, she has worked with collaborators in Bioengineering and the Precision Health Program  to expand and incorporate novel approaches to research projects in our laboratory which should lead to a number of novel publications.” - Asgi T. Fazleabas